Theres no remedy for memory

I still see you there 

walking out the door

taking a part of me 

and I knew 

at that moment that I would never get that back


I sit and wait 

cry and wait

for the best love 

that helps me reconstruct that part

once again


my soul 

and makes me reach for more 

that kind of love

that plants a fire in my heart

and brings peace to my mind 

the one

that covers up the pain

the scars 

of that night 

that you 

you, the man I trusted


for the hot hollow 

of my groin

grabbing my wrists 

so I wouldn't let go

as I began to understand I was lost,

you inside of me 

you began to find me 

by force

I was not meant to be understood I wore this mask


removed   it 

along with my skin

and there I layed with you


the man 

who took me

and didn't return me 

to the world I belonged to





he brought me into this place

feeling disgusted

as if i was not a woman 

through his haze

I was not a character of his story

but a representation of his desires

I was what he could control 

his vicious




Guide that inspired this poem: 



life is never what it seems to be.


I hear your pain and feel your vunrebility but if you know pain then knw that your condition is not you conclusion. The baggage we carry are what is with us for a reason season and a time. Our past helps build our future and craft us to find our true pATHS AND IF THIS IS NOT YOUR VOICE, AND YOU ARE SPEAKING FOR ANOTHER. LET THEM KNOW THAT THEIR CONDITION IS NOT THEIR CONCLUSION!!! THEIR STORY WILL HELP MOTIVATE OTHER! THEY MATTER, YOUR MATTER, YOU ARE IMPORTANT , AND YOU ARE LIFE!

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