Wed, 12/11/2013 - 15:45 -- Deshey


in your eyes i see this pain

this hate this vain

you say you love but dont know how

they broke it once how could you know

LOVE that word so strong

gets thrown around in a sentence in a song

but i sit here and i tell you love is what i feel for you

you grew up in a world full of selfish and wicked

hatred evry corner your mind didnt get it

love hate apreciate what you have know

he sees you when you change he wants you back now

say NO to kis words hell try to wgisper in your ear 

tell you he loves you losing you is his fear

its all a lie lies and thick and he knows how to play you

listen girl your to good dont let them shame you

one day youll wake up and see what you got

but until then work hard with what you got 

your my pride my joy your my world no doubt

your the one person i cant live without

so yes im here writing a poem to my self

telling me who i am and i dont need your help

beuty streng and the power to be who i am

im a real strong women and i need no man


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