You were born into this world as nothing but you,

The potential was endless, if only you knew.


Question has been there, a childhood friend,

Still mysterious as ever, but she’s here ‘til the end.


Influence has also been a big part of your life,

Telling you what to do, what’s wrong and what’s right.


Sometimes they’re insightful or the opposite of that,

But, maybe were you led right into their trap?


Did you go into the dark or follow the light?

Was it peer pressure or your God given might?


You go back to Question, and she’s got a few answers,

But no response was right between yours and hers.


You found yourself struggling and stumbling, in fact,

Stuck in a rut, how can you get back?


Back to the times where life was so simple,

When trouble only arose from unopened cans and first pimple.


Then you fell asleep, induced by a dream.

Everything was beautiful, pixie dust and ice cream.


You found happiness hiding deep in this jungle, your core,

And you had awaken, slowly, but surely, mid-snore.


Now you’re out and walking; keep going straight.

This chapter of your life is titled: Fate.


Running on the high of life never felt so good,

With Time and Consideration, you had understood.


Just took a while to realize,

It was hard to jump through hoops with closed eyes.


This just in, we discovered a breakthrough!

You were born into this world to be nothing but you.


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