Those eyes

Those beautiful, blue-green eyes.

Smiling, laughing, then

Nothing at all.

At least not towards myself.

A glance,

A wave,

A passing infatuation,

D i s s i p a t i n g

Like the evening sun after a long day;

Like the tumultuous waves

Upon the shores of my beating heart.

I met your gaze,

One thousand emotions behind my eyes

But nothing behind yours.

Why can't I figure You out?


 A throbbing pain, 

Dull as heartache,

Real as you or I.

A smudge on my hip

Growing to purple,

To blue,

To yellow,

To like it was never there;

Like You were never here;

Like I never loved you

As You never loved me.


The sun rises,

The sun sets,

The earth turns,

The waves still crash.

Yet time stands still

And my heart cannot forget,

Though I try. Believe me,

I try.

Dull as heartache,

Real as the moon.

Never again

Will I be with You.

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