Yes. It is My Country

I'm not one to say there is nothing to be done about this country

But, Yes. It is My Country. 

My Country is not of perfect quality. It is far from it.

But, Yes. It is My Country. 

If anything it needs help. It needs leaders. 

But, Yes. It is My Country. 

Judgment and thinking less of the people of My Country is making it less from perfect.

But, Yes. It is My Country. 

I need My Country to look to the future and be more open to every last one of it's people.

But, Yes. It is My Country.

If you ask me My Country is sending a cry for help everyday. Every Single Day. 

But, Yes. It is My Coutry. 

If it means anything to anyone who reads this I think My Country has always been open to change, but it doesn't know how to actually want the change it needs. 

But, Yes. It is still My Country. 

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My country
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