Yep, I am Melanin

Yep, I am Melanin 

In fact, I am a beautiful Melanin

My hair is everything from nappy to kinky

even the straightest strand doesn't qualify to be straight

but I am not upset


because I am beautiful

My head is is big, full of knowledge and dreams 

I no longer listen to the women of lighter shades judgement on how dark my skin is

nor do I  wish to give attention to "brothers" just like me, 

who degrated me, 

only because I am not short enough, light enough, slim enough, or even fast enough


Yep, I am Melanin

In fact, I am a smart Melanin

who dreams to go to Howard and succeed beyond my greatest challenges

yes, I have a learning disability

but I am not upset 


because I am strong

I am determined to be as smart as Michelle Obama

maybe even smarter 

determined to show my unnoticed talents to surpise people when I finally have the guts to show them


Yep, I am Melanin 

In fact I am a strong Melanin

my daily challenges are as tough as a sodoku puzzle on level 64

my experiences always end in a postive result


because I am strong, 

even when I was down, He lift me up higher than I could ever go on my own 

God created rainbows after bad weather for a reason

to get up and try again


Yep, I am Melanin 

In fact, I am a beautiful, Smart, and Strong Melanin

even my flaws create my beauty

my way of thinking shapes me into the woman I am as of today

And I am not upset 


because, I am Strong

One of the strongest of my kind

I had to utlize my feature in the society of dark being ugly

I hope to spread my message to the little girl of melanin poppin

and even the olders ones as well

You are beautiful 

In fact, You are You 

So Yep I'm Melanin 

and I'm proud!


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