Years Ago


United States
38° 27' 10.944" N, 90° 18' 32.3208" W

They say to drop the past;
that it is not important.
How can one forget someone like you?
Forget the memories of our joined lives?
How close we were
when we played "Store"
and "Newspaper."
When we reenacted Spiderman.
You were always Peter Parker
and I was always Gwen Stacy.
When we pretended
we were stuck in a tornado
or married with kids.
But that was years ago.

How great the times were
when we ran around for hours.
When we swam in the pool by morning
and indulged in video games when night fell
without a care in the world.
Making petty snowmen in December
in the event that school was canceled.
But that was years ago.

How I put my trust in you
and divulged all my inner thoughts your way.
We wept together
and laughed together.
We fought each other
and loved each other.
I borrowed your pajamas
and you listened to my music.
But that was years go.

How you betrayed me
when a stupid girl appeared.
You called me names
and insulted those I loved.
I cussed you out
and you stopped talking to me.
We sent hatred to each other.
But that was years ago.

How different things are now.
We barely share anything
and sit in awkward silence.
I'd rather be with my parents
than play video games with you.
Someone once told me
that I should forget the past.
That the future alone matters.
I would have liked to believe them,
but they said it years ago.


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