Yearning to Breathe Free

A country of immigrants’ children

Living on a graveyard of natives


All men are created equal

Forget that if you’re not a man


Slavery is old and outdated,

But your clothes, made by faraway children

Say otherwise


Freedom of religion for one religion

No freedom of speech for the unspoken


Ask what you can do for your country

How is that possible when your country

Doesn’t allow you to change a thing


A house divided does not stand

Say those who divide


Race only matters

If it makes you seem more tolerant

But there’s only one race: the human race

Dividing itself for its own good


Diversity if you accommodate


A great white mansion built by the black

Still in fetters

A house of freedom made by the enslaved


Our nation’s flag red, white, and blue

But there’s no Bill of Rights for you

If you don’t fit the right bill


The right to bear arms

For protection against those with arms

This poem is about: 
My country


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