I saw you there across the way

Passing by what seemed like almost everyday

Out in the rain, saving, for the time we might cross

Too scared to make a move, what can I do, admit I'm at a loss


And as I look back and see how far we've come

There's so much to see and so much to do

When I'm standing here with you


Thinking back to the places we've been

To all the songs played again and again

Together we stand

Your hand in my hand


Stuck at a cross road

Stuck at a crossroad


Looking up at the stars in the sky

To the skyline's bright white lights

Together we stand 

Your hand in my hand


Stuck at a crossroad

Stuck at a cross road


Watching you light up the night

A bright smile and I can't deny

No matter the span

Of times feathered hand

I'll always be warm here

Wrapped in your arms here


At a crossroad

At a crossroad

At our crossroad

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This is a wonderful piece that has the feel of lyrics to a song. Very nicely done!

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