WTF by: Jaay Dee Kayy

What the fuck am I doing?

Why the fuck did I let you in?

Even though you left my heart broken, that wall was so thin,

Like, what the fuck then?

Even though you left me drowning in sin, somehow my heart says you're the yang to my yin.

Like, am I stupid? Your unfaithfulness was proven, man I feel so fucking clueless, boy you really left me wounded;

But I guess you're only human;

I guess my heart accepted it, logic was the target but my heart just intercepted it,

Like a tank, you're fucking septic,

Like a plank, you lead to death and when I walk off of your ship I won't even hold my breath,

You're an assassin, stolen, stealth, fuck your riches I need wealth, I need someone that'll stick with me in sickness and in health;

But you just wanted to fuck, and I knew it so I ain't trust;

I'm sorry, you were my heart and because of you we're broken up.

Like, what the fuck?

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My community
My country
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