Wrong day right time versus right day wrong time



Lap piss a loo zee mishaps along cognitive highway induces me
to utter oye vay iz mere, and hear the refrain that plays within
me noggin, which includes a choral reference to buck humming
subject to dementia praecox, Alzheimer or plain ole vanilla absent
mindedness. Unsure how, when, where, or why certainty latches
on to specific appointment date/time, but off hen, this doddering
proto prehistoric Dharma bum, Cro-Magnon beatnik just made
a call to facility in question and/or fact checked inform may shun
jotted down on a memo pad, these ever more frequent bouts of
show wing up (usually driving at break neck speed – yup – out
gunning official strong arms of law upholders vetting vehicular
enforcers, die vested crime fighters vernacular codified ideology
limiting outrageous road runners), this schlemiel generally abides
by automotive defensive driving edicts, though sudden accelerating
and increasing occasions witness out ta sync presence at important
personal matters (frequently brake king issue in question pertains
to mental/physical health examination, follow-up, or habeas corpus
morgue gauged soul sold to long and foster, century21, or Berkshire
Hathaway grim hissing reaper), which methinks hades dweller die
thing, dead ringer doppelganger of death duly, duplicitously, dutifully
delights distracting inducing sum numb skull state sans bing utter
bewildered, confused,  dazed; fuzzy, groggy,  heavily jangled i.e.
kickstarter lumpentroletariat muggles’ noggin or putty pinged
pestiferous pulsating momentary loss of remembrance future necessities
suddenly such well ordered cerebral rolodex randomly reshuffled
finding this bloke wondering aimlessly to professional detail person,
who scrutinizes scheduled day list ohm hitting mention of mien
name sake, who dutifully, foolishly, and mistakenly showed up.
This especially irksome, when attendant specialist many miles distant,
whence front desk clerk gives iffy knitted masked outwardly quizzical stare.
Corroboration ferreted intending legitimacy only increased
reprimanding self toward useless x zit. 
Time and again this chap doth misconstrue, lacks
wherewithal to avoid second, third, fourth…. guessing, or overlook
validating correct date/time per significant check up sans this body
electric, which fixed hour re: day month year stitched into my terra
incognita, and will find this ode writ for naught if aye don trefoil fools cap
repeatedly divergent from information clearly delineated in black
and white upon a business card. Forth with thee ha bur dasher, hasher,
masher of words can dispel myopia as casus belli under girding
truss of faulty thinking. Yukon breath a sigh of relief this generic guy
not in charge of military operations, cuz he would moost certainly fire
the first shot other on specified surreptitious battle. The upside
losing indigenous ground (fifty plus shades of gray vanish with
out a trace before popularity of aforementioned phrase), which might
serve me in good stead when bereavement descends from
sepulchral halls pertaining to remembrance of one life lived, whereat
his heart touched with fiery passion of english language as lingua franca.





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