Writing is Like Painting ...


With each stroke and drip of paint there is emotion ...

There is a message

By seducing the canvas with paint I am portraying some presage

I want to be seen, I want to be heard

I want people to think

I want people to learn

I want people to come together as one ... as one ... as one ...

... I want people to be just a little more concerned


With each stroke and drip of paint there is meaning

For all that we do has a purpose

With painting this message this portrait is convening

Yelling out to the masses "I'm protesting for change!"

and perhaps a little more meaning

That's the point of creating this painting

... we all just want a little more interchange

Talking amongst one another, this all started from a painting, some form of exchange


This is why I paint ...

or should I say this is why I write-- 



Beautiful Poetry


thank you

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