You're my drug, my addiction.

My pack of cigarettes, my cocaine. 

The perfect sex that leaves me exhausted and wanting sleep. 

I get so high off you, so drunk. 

So lost, with no words to describe this feeling. 

I feel you could do so much better than me.

Other times I feel like we were made for each other. 

You give me so much life,

You help me find a way to cheer up. 

If anything in this corrupt world were perfect, it would be you. 

I adore you with all of my heart, what's left of it. 


When I wanted to die, you were always there. 

You were always there when it was 2 in the morning, 

On a school night,

And I was either drunk or crying or both. 

You've kept me sane, kept me alive.

And I feel like I do nothing for you.

I wish I could give you the world,

But from what I've told you, you probably want

Nothing to do with the world. 

I'm sorry you were created in such an immoral world.

But you've kept me alive, 

Whether that be for the better or worse. 

All I know is, I'd be nowhere

In life if it wasn't for writing. 


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