A laborious craft

Where you spin

Words of silk

And satin

Stories of fire

And raging war

Legends of dragons

And battles of lore

Myths of demons

And ancient enemies

Magic and wizards 

And spine-tingling


Tis no easy task

To sit and think

And create an entire world

From the bowels of your mind

It isn't easy in the slightest

To form people and plots

To fashion art out of paper

Out of ink

And metaphoric knots

The scratch of pen on paperr

Piles of messy outlines

The rustle of chapters

Rough drafts and scraps

Of descriptions and places

That you've only seen

In your dreams

The process is long

But a journey

Worth embarking on

The vibrant colors

The vivid personalities

The stunning and horrific

Sight of your soul bleeding

As you come undone

In a blissful pain

Allowing you to see

Who you really are

As words fill your head

And become alive

As they pulse and beat


To melodies of screams

And laughter

Of the world's voices

A rainbow of races

And a mosaic of cultures

As fabrics whirl in and out

You bleed slow and steady

As the globe spins

And faces pass in and out

Solemn eyes

And beaming smiles

With sapphire blue

And inchworm green

Iridescent yellow

Crimson and all

The in between

Spreading across 

The globe

And blending

In unison

With the faint

And melodious humming

Of understanding. 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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