Write a Poem

Fri, 08/09/2013 - 18:42 -- vmr

I am a writer. 

Who is writing a poem.

Words flow, but is a river made?

A river flows but were any words made?

I write and write and write and write

But does that always mean I'm right?

A poem can have no sheme nor plan

A novel can be all mapped out

You can recite a poem that is like a chapter out of someone's life

You can tell a story about one's life

All you got to do is write it down

On paper

On your heart

Tell the whole world

Tell no single soul

Pick words wisely, then let the words do the magic

Let them do all the work

Let them define you

That's what a true poet would do

What a true writer would do

Either way, you choose

I am a poet.

Look what I wrote.




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