The wrath of storm

" Sir have mercy on me,
please give me a piece of bread,
a glass of water,
I am starving to death,
since the typhoon obliterated our city,
we have eaten nothing,
my father survived the storm surge but died in hunger,
Save me!
I don't want to die like him,
help me bury his dead body."

A young lad talks to one of the social workers,
every word he speaks tells the pain of abandonment,
the hunger that he has been suffering through could be felt
from the softness of his voice,
he bleeds in tears while wrapping the cadaver of his beloved father with a piece of white linen cloth,
his almond eyes reflect the desperate thoughts within his mind,
behind him,
his home reduced into pieces of broken woods,
he doesn't know where to go,
he doesn't know how to survive a life after the devastation.

I still remember so well,
when I was younger,
you promised me before the setting sun,
you would never never leave me alone in a struggle against our poverty till the end of time,
What would I be now without you?
How could I live alone on this world of harsh reality?"

Tears keep rolling down on his angelic face,
while kissing the cold loving hand of his dead father,
upon hearing his voice weakened by a week of tormenting agony,
the social worker could not stand stronger any longer,
she can feel her heart breaking in tears,
she kneels down before the child,
could not utter any word,
but just to hug the boy so tight like her son,
and wipes his tears away by her palm,
tears could not be stopped falling from her eyes.

Beneath the beauty of the kaleidoscopic rainbow,
I knew a man who got nothing,
but a small shack and sweet laughters of his grand children,
he found homily santuaries under their sweet smiles,
they live lives to the fullest without material desires,
yet the greed of Super Typhoon Yolanda is just formidable,
she robbed him of his small shack,
killed his only rooster,
and the worst,
she washed his grand children away into the ocean,
they have been missing for 8 days now.

His sight wanders into the waves of the sea,
with tears falling all day long and eternally,
his life is deep buried in incalculable sadness,
hoping for his grand children to come home,
yet nobody is home but memories of tragedy.


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