Wounded Soul

I captured his embrace but not the thoughts of the Lotus flower I became to him.

  Saturated with stardust 

    the time passed all around us

      slowly becoming poisoned and passionate.   

       Sadistic became addictive 

        my flesh longed for more

          but my soul gasped and collapsed.

            My lips rolled like the waves meeting the sand.

              Infused a message of deception not even I could understand. 

                Stranger; the able one to pick apart the stained glass, reveling broken beauty.

                   Blood as dark as night fell from the sky

                     marking our human existence on earth. 

                       Figurative connections confuse abandonment into a nightmare of nothingness. 

                         You knew the blueprints of my body

                            re aligning the mistakes leaving me brand new

                               but used refurbished. 

                                  Openness leaves you vacant; 

                                     pitifully you flicker for delightful company.

                                       I tripped out on the smallest point of light as I laid silent but alive. 

                                         You crept into the cold cracks of my vary being.

                                            I found lost parts of myself that scream

                                              but never wanted to be found, 

                                                Sadly fear.

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