Would You?

Would you defend me as I struggle to be normal?


Would you hold me up when I struggle to walk?


Would you help me as I'm losing my balance?


Would you understand that I don't feel things the way you do?


Would you steady my hands as they tremble?


Would you want to know that I can't feel my steps or your touch?


Would stand by me as this disease takes over my nerves and muscle?


Would you keep me calm when I want lash out at the doctors?


Would you have hope when I want to give up?


It's not easy having a muscle disease like Charcot-Marie-Tooth. It's something that slowly take over yourself and you ask yourself everyday will you even continuing walking today? Then you ask your friends and family that don't have it, would they be able to handle the things you have to go through. It's hard being a teen or child with CMT. People always have something to say and don't understand what's happening so, they judge and bully, and you're always fighting an upward battle.


So, would you hold me tight as I face this battle that is a lifetime?


-CMT Fighter


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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