Worthy Words

Tue, 06/14/2016 - 01:37 -- Sinquia

You, me, and poetry..

Words along a page, rhythm crooked and spaced

Did she mean to rhym or is that word just misplaced

To me poetry is a hidden emotional pursuit 

The word choices you use, lead people to think deeper

Like quick sand, using words so quick you can't hop out

Intriging the intruders of my emotional clout

Read between the lines, true there's no words

Yet read within the words and there you may fine gold

You see poetry to me is what the poet makes of it

For we all say happiness is only a pursuit

Or is that something poetic and untrue?

 I preach day by day put your words together like its the last you'll take

Reach for success, like your lungs do oxygen

Thats when you'll have a successful writing pen. 



-Pursue your pursuit 

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