The World's Greatest Poet

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the author.
He’s undisputedly the world’s greatest poet.
No other poet can satisfy your soul the way he does.
His writing surpasses the work of all the famous authors.
He’s an extraordinary person without an equal.
And he’s by far the best writer of this generation.
You could say that he was born to be a success.

He knows that there are many lovers in the world.
And he composes poems to match your personal life,
No matter what situation you’re going through.
He can make you laugh and cry, happy or sad,
Lose hope or try to get the one you love.
His poems can make you fall in love with someone,
And make you mend or break someone’s heart.

The words of his poems can touch the one you love.
They can persuade you to consider the one who loves you.
No fantasy or mood is a difficult subject for him to write.
His imagination can accomplish whatever he wants.
He wrote, “Bon Voyage, Sweetheart” and “Nature’s Girl.”
If you think these are the most interesting poems,
Read, “Love Came with You” and “My Lonely Heart.”

He’s done a number of dedications on your requests.
And you must exclaim that he passed the test.
He’s one hundred percent better than all the rest.
Yes, he’s the greatest poet that ever exists.
Now please give him your undivided attention.
He’s about to read one of his most recent poems for you.
It’s entitled, “Don’t Ever Fall in Love with the Poet.”


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