The worlds burning

Why do we sit back with complacency, as if we cannot see clearly the earth is burning. No its not a conspiracies the skies are truly falling, piece the peace together to know what I mean. Praying to every existing deity to change the youths dietary that's the main cause of social anxiety, mental patients wait anxiously for times to blow over naturally, we need to get sober for our own dignity unless homeless people are what we like seeing. My generation is trying to change things but whose changing their dirty laundry. For seen this crash and recession, depression doesn't help the mess the country is in. My voice was cut off not by choice but by higher power that be, we cannot await spring for the fall of leaves, we have mothers and fathers doing our dirty work in the streets jist so their family can eat, this needs to change hastily. Money is the be all and end all of this scheme, governmental policies hiding financial greed, I'm not afraid to speak but that state of the nation has me week, beat and discrete, putting all the countries problems under concrete just cause of Covid-19.

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My community
My country
Our world
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Mohamed Tahir

Please South Africans read this!!!

Annette M Velasquez

Another incredible and timely write...The strength of your poetry, besides it's powerful message is the uniqueness of your style- the word choices and rhyme scheme- the structure of the poem. Overall, this is very impactful.

Mohamed Tahir

Thanks so much ma'am.

Mohamed Tahir

That means a lot.

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