Grass and red crayons,

Blood is only drops of Ketchup on the ground,
Alcohol is a choice made by Humans, not by Peer pressure.
Parties don't need Chaperones, their kids are responsible as they were raised to be,
Parents raising us poorly is not an excuse, their children have independent minds to choose from,
The Punch at parties is elegant and great tasting juice, it is no place for a spiking,
People earn the names Mother, Father, Boyfreind, Girlfreind, by showing respect, they're not given,
Every Human being on Earth has unlined worth, we are all worth much more than any piece of Jewelery, 
We are diamonds in the sky, 
we are stronger than Superman simply because we are here standing,
We did not fall then, and we won't fall now, 
we all have a hero in us,and that hero will help us every step of the way, 
but let us not forget that we must help our Heroes or Heroines as they've helped us, 
with all the strengths that we have. 
Because we have that much strength, more than our bodies can hold, but just enough for our hearts,
 we'll rise like a skyscraper to those who've underestimated us.
We'll show them what Worldly is, with the good that we do with our strengths, compared to their bad.
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