"To the World on Valentine's Day"

            “Love from God”


As I try to hold back my mind,

these thoughts of love I do find.

It's more to me than just words and rhyme;

it's the very nature of my whole life.

I feel incomplete at this time,

because I yearn to end my strife.

I am a vessel of God's love,

but I am scared to be His though,

because I am a lamb, not a dove;

where then, must I go?

For love, I hear, is far and near,

but is it clear, that my fear,

is having no place to go?

When I've lost the battle's cost

 and feel the pain of loss,

 will love light my way to the cross?

Will love's light warm my mind

and not cringe at the secrets that I hide?

If it means anything to thee,

thank you for teaching me

how to love without envy.

Although my thoughts may be high and lofty,

remember then, what God has taught thee.

"Love never fails." (1 Corinthians 13:8)  Happy Valentine's Day and God bless.                    


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