The world says we're different

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 00:05 -- Bmuya12

The world calls us different because apparently I’m wrong.
And the feelings I feel inside me just don’t really belong.
I’m a boy, yes I know but its a man that I seek,
to love me and hold me at times when I'm weak.

The world calls us different because its Mr. and Mr. now.
And to the majority of people its an abomination to allow,
two men who love each other to be united for life.
Because according to them its just man and wife.

The world calls us different because there too blind to see,
the beauty of our love, over their senseless bigotry.
but its our lives to live so why should they get a say,
on the person I choose to marry someday.

The world calls us different but someday I know
that the hearts of good honest people will show
that I didn’t choose this path, filled with ridicule and hate
but I'm searching for love and I'm waiting on fate

the world calls us different but really its a lie
for we're all searching for someone to light up our sky

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