The World As It Is

A fiery sunset over a lake at dusk
The intricate carvings on an ivory tusk
The ocean’s waves that crash and roar
And break upon a distant shore
The silvery twinkle in the stars at night
What makes the sun shine so bright
The glimmer in a small fish’s scales
The keening song of the humpback whales
A bullfrog hiding in the reeds of a pond
A chestnut mare leading her foal along
The birds that start the morning off with a song
And the birds that just sang all along
Vines that coil and twist through the trees
Springy palm fronds that sway in the breeze
The sharp eyes of a bird of prey
The laughable sound of a donkey’s bray
The clicking of echolocation
And the V pattern of geese’s migration
Grass dappled with the morning’s dew
Wispy clouds in a sky so blue
The hoof prints left on a well-worn trail
Dawn’s early light, so very pale
A thin line of ants trekking over a log
A mysterious lagoon, lost in the fog
A slippery seal escaping the shark
So far from the quiet grace of a lark
Delicate white flakes touching down to earth
Gazelles that give the cheetah quite a wide berth
The peacefulness in a forest, even midday
The feathers of a macaw, ever a colorful display
The smacking of a beaver’s tail on its hut
The resounding click as a Venus Fly Trap snaps shut
The velvet fur of a puppy’s ears
All the signs of life a barn owl can hear
Rugged mountains stretching into the distance
A tiny fruit fly, just pleased with existence
The gleaming claws of a polar bear
The seasonal coats of an arctic hare
Un-mined gold, hidden under the surface
Bubbling magma, resembling a furnace
A timber wolf howling to the sky
A gosling’s meager attempts to fly
The scorching heat of the Sahara sun
A herd of elephants on the run
A swordfish’s nose, a unique feature
All these and more a part of nature
This poem is about: 
Our world


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