The World As I See It

When you think of life
Plants, animals, and people come to mind.
When you think of death
The life is gone and the shed of blood is left behind.
When you think of disasters
It doesn't matter what the cause is by any means.
Only the damage it brings upon the living
And the pain it leaves us to drop down to our knees.
When you think of war
Men, women, and children are sacrificing their lives!
And for what? Fighting to uphold “our” unnecessary strife,
That require people to be shooting guns and throwing knives.
When you think of the economy 
Everything starts to go downhill...
People are poor, homeless, hungry and struggle every day to make ends meet
They have to fight for life's necessities and to pay the bill.
When you think of education
Books, skills, and brains is how to get through with no doubt.
Being inspired by teachers and peers to believe that anything is possible

As long as you work hard, do your best and never drop out.
When you think of love
You get a desirable feeling that you just can’t explain.
It’s a wonderful thing of true happiness and joy
To share life with a special someone for the time to remain.
What do you think of…

When the sunlight comes out and hits of shades of your eyes?
What jogs your memory…

After the sky falls dark and the moon shines above the stars where it lies?
How would you feel about changing your perspective,

To take a look at the surroundings from my point of view?

Only then can you recognize what I’ve discovered,

And you will be able to see the world as I do.


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