The world that i see


United States
42° 20' 8.5632" N, 83° 7' 57.8388" W

Our world is dying, everyday on the news or radio I hear violence and all other misfortunate events happening and I say to myself "Wow, our world is crying". There are some good things that I see in this world and I can see that world is trying . If people don't believe what I say well I guess I was lying. There's still hope in this world and I picture the world , to go back how it use to be. You may say I'm dreaming but I say that yeah, I do dream, I dream big and my dream for this world will shine bright like a beam of heavenly light. That's the world that I see.
People say the world is too far gone in dark, I say that the world has a chance and I'll lend the world a hand and show it my glowing spark. The world dones its part and its our time to heal its heart because we have a job to take care of the world, not rob from. The world I see is far from this, its bigger than a star and there are no futile war. That's the world I see

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Our world


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