The World I Capture

There is a world much like this one.

A world I couldn't live without.

One where everything is right for me.

One crafted so carefully.

It started as an empty book.

So shy I would hide its look.

But as time past, with faces it filled

And figures dancing ,to their own tune.

This world fit right within my bag

Along with pens and the markers i had.

This world was mine were i could place

objects, people, any place.

Treasuring it, my sweet sketchbook.

This poem is about: 
Our world
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I cant leave the house without my sketchbook and a few pens so when I saw the prompt for the "All I Need Scholarship Slam" I knew exactly what it was I couldnt live without. I like having one because it lets me practice drawing anywhere ; on the bus, in class, or just at home. Using your environment for motivation and refrence is very helpful.

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