In a World Full of People

why do I feel so alone?
With a life so blessed
Why do I feel so poor?
Perhaps poor of happiness
or poor of self confidence
Plastered by the image of over confident or cocky
But if you knew the real me
You would know that I hide my pain behind my pride
So many times I have lied
"I'm fine"
"I'm just tired"
"I can get through this"
"Everything will be okay"
All these lies came one after the other
Not one person could see through these lies
Not even my mother
That's what hurts the most
Behind my smile was something painful and dark
But no one knew because they didn't look close enough to see the marks
Now I'm left to think that no one cares
The only life that they care about is theirs
Now I feel so alone

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I realise you must have heard this before; however, I know what this is like: to feel alone yet smothered, to know you are loved yet feel empty, to have ambitions yet care about nothing, and perhaps worst of all to feel like there is no one who can possibly feel the same way I do. There is hope, I promise you! Find your ambitions, latch onto them, and don't stop climbing no matter what. You will see the light again it only requires a little bit of blind faith. I hope this helps even just a little bit.


My dear freind don't want to suppose to know where this emotion comes from? Your pain, or someone- something else but where ever you got it from, just keep writing and expressing and feeling. I know writting helps me sort out my stuff. Your writting is hauntingly beautiful. I hope all with be resloved. Peace and Love

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