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It is time that the international community wake up to the absolute nonsense that the United States has been doing.


The foolish aim of the United States is to control the world with bad influence.


Furthermore, the South Korean government is a puppet and the United States is the ventriloquist.


The United States government has been stirring up unnecessary conflicts all over the world.


They manipulate the people and they try to turn neighbouring countries against each other to achieve their selfish ends.


For example, the phase of the gulf war that began on the 17th of January 1991 was a subterfuge of the United States.


Where were the nuclear weapons that the United States claimed that Iraq was developing?


Justice demands a satisfactory answer from the murderous Americans.


Some people surmised that the United States wanted to occupy Iraq and to maintain military presence there to make it easier for its troops to attack Iran.


The bloodthirsty Americans cleverly used Pakistan to help them to invade Afghanistan.

And they turned other nations against one another.

In the same way, they tried to create disunity among India and its neighbours.


The United States has recently turned its attention to North Korea with a sinister motive.


Moreover, the Americans have an intention to sabotage and undermine the progress of the Russian and Chinese military so that they can successfully attack these countries in the future.


The above statement does not mean that I support any country in developing nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. I am denouncing all warmongers.


As for the UN and NATO, they are two disgusting organizations.

Neither of these organizations serves a useful purpose.


The UN and NATO cannot control the actions of the United States.

They just go along with whatever nonsense the United States suggests in a deceitful way.


The international community should not sit back and allow the bossy Americans to have their own way and bully the world.


No sensible person would trust the American government because its leaders are notorious liars and deceivers!


I now call upon the international community to withdraw your support from the United States before it is too late.


Do not let the United States entice you with gory money.

When they try to corrupt you, tell them thank you, but no thank you.


We all know that the United States (the lamblike beast) is the biggest problem in the world.


The leadership of the United States talks a pile of rubbish and lies about the other countries that have the technology to develop nuclear weapons.


They claim that these countries are a threat to everybody,

But none of these countries has ever attacked another country with nuclear weapons.

The United States is the only country that used atomic bombs against another country in the history of wars.


The leaders of the United States and their military form the worst terrorist organization on earth.


Notice the demonic strategy of the evil-minded Americans:


They build military bases in other countries and carry out warfare far away from home in order that the mainland of America will remain safe (in their imagination) while they help other countries to destroy one another.


People of the world, open your eyes.

The United States has an excessively wicked aim.


In fact, the United States intends to invade North Korea whether North Korea agrees to discontinue the testing of missiles or not.


Clearly, the Americans will not drop the issue concerning North Korea until they find a way to start a war.

And this proves that the United States has an evil intention.


By the way, who would have thought that Japan, of all countries, would form an alliance with the United States?


The Japanese are hypocrites and exploiters.

And they definitely detest the people of the United States.


Japan has its own plans and it is just waiting for an opportunity to execute those plans.


The leaders of the countries with nuclear weapons, except the leaders of the United States, show a genuine concern for humanity.


The president of the United States is an insane person.

This clown is an embarrassment to the people whom he represents.

He does not give a damn about humanity.


And the United States is ready to sacrifice the lives of millions of human beings to achieve ultimate power over the world.


I must emphasize the fact that the Americans will never rule this world, no matter how much power they achieve.

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Beautifully written. The writing does an amazing job showing emotions and how you feel.

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