World of Color

Skin red, necklace with a warhead.

Dark eyes and hair, but that didn't mean a girl had to care.

"White is all i see." She told her "Then that is what is different between you and me." said she

"All you see is your color and white. Other colors hidden from your short sight."

"For those who see the world as only one color then white. They are cursed with a very short sight."

"I see so many colors in front of me, shame it is only colors you see."

"Yellow, red, brown, white, tan, Black and slight green, that might be only my sight though."

"Some might see one color, maybe two, then there are few who match to a drivers drum."

"All colors matter, but when you start putting one color down to advance your own it will fall."

"People need to see all the colors and be civil."

She walked away, leaving the short sighted girl in a silent fury. 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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