Words Of Wisdom

All we do is talk about what we want,
We'll put the I need it blanket over top of it
as a cover up, Knowing we can do without it,
We never talk about why we live life,
And how can we long our years on this rock,
Or do we even want to,
There's so much wrong you have to be extra strong..
Just to be alright,
Its more than the material pleasure that's sexing
your mind,
Its rather divine, Find your purpose as its more than
a wife and kids and a house while you work to upkeep,
Why are you here, Its certainly not to waste space on
a couch or to break your back doing back breaking work,
What's your dream?
Of course you have to work for it, But here's the trick,
Don't get stuck in the "Work for it part",
Pass that obstacle and succeed,
Only you can stop you,...
So what you have a son
So what you have a daughter,
This is where it begins,
You teaching them to never let anything hold you back,
You learn to balance and not abandon,
You learn to live making a reason to rest peacefully
when your ready to settle down.



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