Words from the Mirror


You dare not look to close

You may fear what you might find:

A past composed of
Fragmented glass,

Broken up memories,

In no way whole again

Scattered across the floor,

Some slip through the cracks

Never found

Never remembered

Are they true?
You may never know

If your dangerous curiosity persists,

Pick up a piece and look

Upon the surface smooth as mine

An image of yourself

Walking around in a world of strangers,

Wondering about the people that

You may never know




Look again, but not out this time

Within a mind so hectic

Questions toss, turn, and twist

They take new forms with time

A fusion of ambiguity and consternation

A boiling pot of trepidation

Angst rising, bubbling




You’ve gone too far

Get out

Get out


Identity can be a frightening word

How do you know?

How do you know?

Is it everyone you’ve been,

Or who you are becoming?

You may never know.


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