Words wander around wildly.

Worldwide the words fly.

The words wander wonderlessly.

Wonderfully waiting until 

The wind winds up the pitch.

When the words win,

The world gives them their worst.


I wonder about words.

Their meaning and whatnot and what-have-you.

What words, I wonder, 

Would worry Mother?

What words would she make peace with?

Widespread windchill blows the wisdom 

Of wise words and wishes.


When wisdom and whispers 

Get caught in the wind,

We learn whether the weather will teach us 

Which which is which

While writing witty poetry 

And rhyming without trying,

All without thinking about the words.


Words will wander and roam.

When we speak, we use

The words we have warmed ourselves to:

Words without thought,

Words without want,

Words that don't mean anything at all,

Words that are wonderful,


Words that have woefully been forgotten,

And will never be spoken again.

Words without meaning wonder, 

“What will come of me?

Will I wander around Wildly

And float with the wind forever?

If yes, I will wallow in my woes.”


While the words wallow in their woes,

We should wonder what became of them

And with our mouths

Bring back the woeful words 

From where they went with the wind.

Because sometimes, when the words win,

The world gives them their worst.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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