Words have power.

Words shape our world.

In a book.

In a speech.

On a street sign.

In our language.



Words give us the ability to express our innermost feelings.

Emotions, given meaning by the words we place on them.




You don't feel these as you read them,

but you know what I mean anyways.

That is the power words hold.


Words unite all of us.

Thoughts in our head can be released by the words we know.

Invented through the minds of geniuses.

Written down for the generations after them, preserved through time.

Freely spoken, so common now that a world without them seems impossible.


Words express individuality.

How they are used.

When they are used.

Why someone might use this word,

instead of that one,

or maybe that one,

or one of the other hundreds of synonyms that are available.


Words are a glimpse into the mind and soul.

They are how you,

yes you dear reader,

are now able to know a little bit about me,

even though we have never met.


We likely never will meet,

in a world our size.

But for this brief moment, we were connected.

Through words.

Just words.

Only words.



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Our world
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