the words that are spoken, lay heavy at one's grave. longing for rest, so it sits and waits. blessed is the man that is not stained with blood, for many our found guilty in their cover-ups. it kills one and revives two. it runs behind you-to be alive in a fool. harm isn`t the answer, healing is. mirror, mirror on the wall-why have you fasted for beauty? why do you sing your sad songs? filthy-they call your clothes. unnormal is your big nose. long hair-not even close. a sexy shape? what a waste. too much? my mistake. a voice inside you whispers different cries on paper, but no one seems to notice the words that vapors. swing low to the lies that captures your mind. I wanna die is what you feel is right. when they try to ruin your integrity, be strong, because your name deserves a legacy to be born. the wounds that sit between your heart and your mind, makes you feel as though you are paralyzed, get up. Even if you have to cry. The quote that has inspired Winston Churchhill says, "This is not the end. this is not even the beginning of the end. but perhaps it is the end of the beginning." The pages are turned and a new chapter is starting now. your story is not counted out.

some words cut like a knife, some words are used to fight. better words are to give life. Be careful with how you use them because it could end somebody`s life.

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