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They can break one down or build one up

If written correctly one can spin a tale of wonder and peace

Words can be used to set people free 

An outlet for pain, frustration, and loneliness

We write


Well written and neat the polar opposite of what people may view you as

They can't see the blue in your hair or the tattoos on your skin

They cannot judge you based on your appearance 

Crooked teeth, scarred skin, freckles, dimples, fat, skinny, tall, short

She writes


You've seen the looks you get 

You've heard the distaste in their voice has they try to pronounce your name

With writing you are more than your body

You are a mind

A intelligent person who is more than what is on the surface

He writes


An escape from those around you

Away from the hurt and pain others may have caused you 

To put what you may not be able to say aloud on paper

You speak but not with sounds

I write

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