I transcribe these thoughts

From my head

In hopes of mental relief

So that I can go to bed.

But now that I’ve begun,

I cannot stop or slow down.

These words just keep pouring

And tumbling out.

All these secret words

I’ve kept hiding inside

Are straining to burst free

From their cage in my mind.

Hidden inside,

Locked away,

Kept in the dark,

These words I’m afraid to say.

But I know if kept buried,

They’ll eventually explode out

In all the wrong ways

From this confused mouth.

So I write them here,

Scribble them down,

Break the pen

And spill ink on the ground

As tears gather

And leak down my cheeks

And fall onto the page,

Blurring these words of the weak.

I crumble and collapse,

Falling to the floor;

Writing doesn’t seem

To help anymore

Because I just get angry

That the words I write

Aren’t nearly enough

And don’t come out right.

And what’s even the point

In writing at all

When no one reads these words

Or notices my downfall?

Words don’t mean a thing;

They never have,

They’re empty and generic,

But they’re all I have.

So read them or not,

It matters not to me,

This is just how

I put the demons to sleep.


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