Women like me

Women like me


Women like me will always be judged,

Why can’t women like me just be loved?

I wish i never had features to look like the rest.

Why are we in competition to be so called “the best”?

Women like me are supposed to do chores.

Why do we need an excuse to be outdoors?

Hair on my head, bright eyes on my face

Do these features lead to judgement of my race?

All these questions make me stuck in a maze.

Why are we mostly taken advantage of?

Women like me constantly lose our self love.

We usually feel like we are never enough,

Social media doesn't make anything but rough

People make us insecure, hurt, and broken

Not knowing to have a woman is like earning a gold token.

We all have a right to disagree.

Women like me deserve to be set free.

Set free from stress, pain, and idelization.

Women like me, and men like you are both god’s creation


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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