Woman in the Mirror

Behind the darkest of closed curtains, I stand

I am tantamount to the forgotten shadow on your wall

On the surface I'm a cat in the headlights,

terrified and clueless

Scrape the cat off the road and you see what is truly hidden inside

a creature begging for change

I am well aware that we humans destroy Earth.

as all of you act ignorant to the facts that are right in front of you,

I'm trying to to rise above and clear the fog from your eyes.

Our planet is being destroyed right in front of our face

and I scream to you to realise what you are doing

Wars are going on everywhere.

Polution is getting thicker in the skies,

no wonder you all are so blind to the gruesome horrors taking place!

Our children will have to suffer because of us,

as they starve and are beaten

They cry out for help, but like my voice, they are silenced

We are the annoying whispering you hear, begging for change

For peace!

Innocent animals are being mutilated and tortured

just to satisfy the greedy human's wants!

Inhumane acts of violence towards beautiful creatures

they have done no wrong, nor do they contribute in the destruction of our world

Yet they suffer greatest of all

Their homes stolen, their lives taken

We are in another mass extinction

This planet has lost it's dinosaurs and gone through an ice age

It's been through so much already

How soon until the planet gives up and we all die?

If we don't do something soon, and fast.

behind the dark curtain you throw me under to quiet my voice,

I am one of your children

I am one of many creatures suffering

I am calling out for help

for change

for peace.

I am you, and I am me

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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