The woman in the Little Girl

Her innocence was snatched away as if she were being robbed

And she was…

The quietness of the empty home was so loud now that it was gone

How she wished she were innocent again

Before she was unknowingly exposed to reality

Before she could even say goodbye to her past her

Her innocence slammed the door in her face

Before she realized..

The sun was shining upon her face yet exposing her secrets

Her innocence was consumed

deceit , manipulation, lies, humiliation

The cares of the cruel world strangled her innocence

And it died..


I fell in love with you after you died

I tried to catch you but you were so persuasive as you left

I was sure that you would come back for me

Yet I knew you were never coming back

caressing my skin as you slipped through my fingers

No one remembered your existence

My innocence


I tried to replace you

So I placed me

In the hands of someone else

Those same hands that slipped under my blouse at night

I screamed for you my innocence


No one remembered you

Before I realized


That once innocent girl was now a woman

A woman with nothing

That once innocent girl gave everything to everyone she encountered

But saved nothing for the woman she was becoming

The first trust she gave laughed at her

The second mocked her

The third threw it back in her face


In the beginning I thought that little girl was a coward

Afraid to fight back when life was beating her

But the woman in her realized

She was fighting for something greater

She was in the battlefield with her identity

That was stolen from her

Now she has realized


My innocence had to die for the woman in me to live.


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