A Woman,
Cares for the plants in her land,
sensitive to the setting of her house.
Whatever she touches becomes valuable in her hands.
The scars on her body are numbered,
but she still walks on the burning sand.
She walks outside under the sun, she sweats and tans.
But makes sure she finishes what she began.
There is no royalty in her ways,
but gives charming and royal care to her man.

A Woman looks to the fire and dives in with no option.
She doesn't call for attention, it calls her.
She doesn't fight with all her might, but all her mind.
Her soul is a motivation in all kinds,
and her heart is driven by emotions.
A man heartlessly tore her apart,
but her pains heal overtime.
She holds on to every situation,
but takes long to hold on anymore.

She is a fighter, a motivator,
A source of a man's happiness,
and a healer of his sorrows.
A girl cannot be compared to a woman's level.
She appreciates what's on her table,
and strengthens everyone around her when they are low.
She is the queen of fashion,
chooses the right choice of clothes in her wardrobe.

Until then, this is what I hope for.
A lady of such character,
appearances don't buy anymore.
Appearances distract our eyes and minds,
and make us live in lies.
But a Woman is a every man's need and less of a desire.
With the endless manufacturing of love,
the life of wanting expires.
And life will become a successful even though you retire,
because of a Woman, who lifted you higher.

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