Without You Here


It’s late and all I can think about is you.

Why did you do it?

Why did you let such horrible people change you?

Who am I to judge you for doing it?

How can I act like I'm mad at you?

I’m not mad, but I wish I was. 

I miss you. 

Summer came and went, 

Just the same without you.

Last time I called, you were drunk,

but you listened to me cry.

You made sure I was okay, just like always.

You told me you missed my voice.

I never told you that I missed yours, too.

But I did.

I still do, but you'll never know that now.

We messed up, you and I.

We tried so hard,

so much,

for so long,

but we gave up so easily.

We were perfect for each other. 

You would’ve saw that.

We were the perfect best friends,

Never lovers.

But crazy things started happening.

Then you were gone,

And now everything is worse.

I wish I could've been there.

To stop you,

To hold your hand,

To pull you away from them.

But I wasn't there.

Not when you needed me.

Not like you always were there for me.

Now I just sit around crying and missing you.

Nothing is the same for me,

Not without you here.


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