Without You

Gone with the wind, my soul
Humanity has all but left
With the first taste of blood that hit my lips
Anger and self-loathing hit me fully.
Her welcoming smile, her warm gaze
I took it and made it white like death.
Like me.

Blood, my life completely
Eating, taking, killing,
Those monsters in human skin
Only looks, a façade, a shell, a mask
Who am I that does not care?
My feelings died long ago
With who I was, with what I was,

The night, my day, the moon, my sun
Her light, too bright
The princess of day, the light of dawn
Blood of life, willingly given
To this beast so hideously shown
The nape of her neck fits my fangs
Like the sun giving the moon its light.

One without the other cannot be
Yet another of the night steals her away
Her neck is of another, no longer of the day
Though she is still light, it is princess of night

Her smile is bright, no longer blinding
Full of sorrow and hidden misery.
No more sun,
No more moon,
No more me in the black abyss of souls
Why fight when all is gone?

She will pay, by death do us all
Fully transformed,
Both her and me, no more the same,
More beastly
Both monsters by night
And fools by day
No more balance to save us all.

Goodbye my light, hello my dark
Insanity or death, the gate holds back
Either is fine just take me away
Away from this wretched place.

Good bye my love
My life, not humanity
That was gone long ago,
When your blood entered me.

Hell awaits, but not alone
For I will take you down with me.


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