Without Those Women

Women were once mommas.

 Once classy ladies

 And Sisters


The men are all fighting

Gals have replaced

Their misters.


No longer in dresses

And ribbons,

And shiny white pearls


They are covered in grease.

Hair pulled back,

No flowing curls.


They pull double shifts.

The wages are lower,

But they are working like men.


The boss is tougher.

There is no equal pay.

Will this war ever end?


Women worship their Jesus,
Their mothers,

And Rosie.


They dream of equality,

And riches,

Their trophy


They were loyal,


They were strong and sure had the looks.


“We can do it “

They all said.

And showed all the men what it took.


So here’s to the mommas,

Who took off their aprons and

Picked up a wrench


Here’s to the ladies

Who shed their pearls so their men

Could help the French.


Here’s to the sisters

Who pulled back their hair.


Without the women of World War II

Girls like in today’s world wouldn’t have a prayer!




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