Without a Sophisticated Façade.

Who am I? 
That seems to be the million dollar question on every teenager's mind. 
Who am I without my filters and glam? 
Without my eloquent tongue and usual smirk? 
I'm afraid my answer is, nobody. 
See, without my filters and my mature way of acting, I am nobody. Because who would listen to a girl who doesn't paint her face? Or who is rude and cynical? 
I filter my face so that you won't notice that I am in pain. Or that I was crying. 
I filter my mouth so that I don't effectively speak my mind. Because, apparently, it's rude to shout, "I don't give a f***!" It's rude to tell someone what you actually think of them. 
However, despite my filtered image, I don't have a filtered heart. I love unconditionally and trust too easily. I always help those in need. I hate to see someone in pain. Especially someone whom I love most. 
Without my filtered photography, you would see a girl with dark circles under her eyes because she cries herself to sleep. 
Without my filtered mouth, you would hear a tired voice calling for help. 
Without my filtered image, you will see a girl who desperately tries to help and please others but she can't manage to help herself. You will see her battle scars on her arms and look the other way in disappointment. Perhaps even disgust. 
Without my independent way of carrying myself, you would see a girl who is a shell of who she used to be. In reality, she is a sweet little girl with a sad way of thinking. She is Little Red Riding Hood who is surrounded by her own wolves with no one to save her. 
Who am I? 
I don't know. 
Who am I without a sophisticated façade and fake smile? 
I'm that child that your parents warned you to stay away from because I am nothing but trouble. 
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