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Every day I retrospect on that little kid who often lost her breathe.

 She thinks and cries while wondering why she has been placed with such a burden.

She’s not your normal thinking girl; in fact her world can only be seen through her eyes.  

Her face hurt because she tries so hard not to frown due to the frustration and concentration place upon her.

She tells me people criticize not realizing that there are special gifts within her.

She tells me to keep pushing forward and always be classy, even when situations go all trashy.

“You’re not a little girl now you’re a young lady that all boys should see.

Yours goals are not what people foretold. They prefer to walk down the same road.

But you are worth more. Don’t even worry about being in that poor state of mind.”

Now as I look at that little girl, who I have left behind, I now see that little girl was a voice and that voice was me.

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