The Witching Hour

The Sun has his rays cast upon the day placing light to those

Who try to escape or run a way.

His presence maintains the world by shedding vision within these

hours, most evil remains still until the time when his warmth

No longer speaks of power. Darkness lurks the sky only the light

from the moon will glow, the demons begin to awake from the sense

Of fear that feeds from the weak's bowl. Shadows tend to outline

our spirit for others to see when light and darkness begin to

mix. Never did I see an image one from the light casting off your

Spirit to the shadows screaming to be fixed. The color of numb to

The core of the heart paints it in gray. Those demons called to

You tonight sensing your fear no one word did you have to say.

Death to the creature who invades your mind trolling your fears

As if he was the keeper. The light can cast down on those who

Elect to hide by the night the ones we call the dream reaper.

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