Thu, 07/03/2014 - 21:27 -- Rubi






empty light on peeling skin


spilling fat and gritty with salt


voluptuous licks of oil sliding


into my guilty pores, sponges of sin 


long, red, broken fingernails tear strips from my glory, purity

putrid chastity


flames kiss my ankles, thighs, plunging into dark, moist curtains


burning flesh


the bile lurching at my tongue tastes like chocolate 


the wind lapping at my smoking edges the heavy gasp of sex 


I curl inward, a thin paper crumbling into ashes


shame thick and lascivious as pudding 


eaten up by fire


the glorious destruction




purges it


turning nauseating desire 


into cool air


brushing back sweaty hair


in righteous relief 







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