South Africa

Why we going against each other 

is that what was taught by our mothers

give money to beggars 

out of the goodness of your angelic feathers

not out of spite or to be remembered 

my mind stains its own members 

shining through burnt embers 

been called an andriod 

bcause I show no emotion

ask yourself why before you start judging 

in need of positive thinking 

need to breathe to start healing

its like my own soul is screaming

steaming like a tea kettle

leaving a trail like Hansel and Gretel 

freedom of speach is needed for us to settle 

instead the army out here testing their metal

pedal to my mental fast cars resemble 

animals running through the jungle

streets vacant from this Covid-19 viral 

vital to stay indoors idle 

no more shoppers in store eisles

no one knows what was seen through these eyes 

run on lines and never ending sentences 

senses and hightened while I'm writting 

no silcne so i create my own mind space 

quite as a church mouses grace 

infections getting so bad its as if you can taste 

new soles by myself laced 

logic is catostropic if you cannot share it 

not narsassistic but never complacent 

we've all been through challenges 

life always manages to throw curves 

staying opptimistic is of great values

to yourself and your morals 

collecting at the fresh beach thses now corals

my lungs resembles charcol 

and i cannot blame ciggerette smoke 



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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